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Vessels and Heat Exchangers

The design and behaviour simulation of all kind of vessels vessels is one of our main focuses from the early beginnings. The design of pressure vessels requirers a maximum amount of care and experience to ensure safe and reliabe operation under all kind of circumstances and environmental conditions. By combining discrete and finite element methods we can calculate the behaviour of vessels unter simultaneous exposure to static and dynamic strains.


Our services include

  • Consultation and suggestions on the optimization of the Vessels and Heat Exchangers

  • Verification of conformity of the pressure equipment according to various modules, such as A, B , B1, G , H and H1

  • Interpretation of pressure loaded components, such as vessels, heat exchangers, filters, silos, columns and flat bottom tanks - with regard to different Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC harmonized EN standards and regulations ( AD2000 , ASME VIII Div 1, DIN EN 13445-3 , DIN EN 14015 )

  • Life expectancy calculation of the Vessels and Heat Exchangers according to AD2000 -S1, S2 and EN13445-3

  • Calculation of special designs to a container, Heat Exchangers, filters , silos , columns with the help of a finite element program

  • Interpretation of special load cases - such as wind loads, seismic loads , snow loads and nozzle loads - on one or more supports

  • Technical Drawings according to AD2000 , ASME VIII Div 1 and DIN EN 13445.




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